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The School Matron - Premium Rattan OTK Punishment Cane - 55-65 cmss L & 9-10.5/11-12 mm D

The School Matron - Premium Rattan OTK Punishment Cane - 55-65 cmss L & 9-10.5/11-12 mm D

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This is a hand crafted natural kooboo rattan punishment cane and we call it 'The School Matron' due to its stature as an implement that might have adorned the hands of school matrons and school nurses during the Victorian era as a suitable implement of correction especially for taking their miscreant charges over the knee to administer correction. The School Matron is a short and handy cane but do not let its diminutive stature fool you as many miscreants had found out the hard way that the school matron is someone (or something in this case) not to be taken lightly.

The specs for the canes we have left in stock are as follows

1) 55-60 cms Length & 9 - 10 mm Thickness
2) 60-65 cms Length & 11-12 mm Thickness

The School Matron OTK cane is linseed oil treated, just like our other premium grade canes.

It is also hand sanded at the knots and business tip sanded and rounded off and stained and finished in polyurethane like our premium grade canes.

The School Matron OTK cane is a nice addition to its longer siblings and it offers a superior substitute to the hairbrush, the ping pong paddle or perhaps even the short wooden ruler.

The School Matron OTK cane is one of our premium grade rattan punishment canes.

What is a Premium Grade cane? Advantages of Linseed Oil treatment

You might wonder what a premium grade cane is and why there is a premium in price for a premium grade cane versus an almost similar cane we offer at a lower price point and what is the advantage of treating a rattan cane with linseed oil. We will try to answer your questions.

First off, we use the best lengths of rattan for our premium grade canes. While we carefully select our rattan lengths for ALL the canes we sell, the best lengths in terms of rattan quality and characteristics are used to make our premium grade canes. Then we immerse and soak these rattan lengths in linseed oil for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Rattan is a fibrous plant material and almost similar to the root of a plant which has inner capillaries to absorb water or other liquids. This is evident from looking at a typical cross section of rattan (at the ends) and you will see these fibrous nature and inner capillaries of rattan. By immersing and saturating the rattan in linseed oil, they are filled with the viscous linseed oil which can remain inside for a very long time unlike water or steam where the moisture evaporates much quicker over time making the rattan cane dry and brittle and more prone to breakage. Linseed oil evaporates much slower compared to water which will keep the cane nicely supple and flexible and impart weight and make it less prone to breaking as dryness is the nemesis of rattan and the prime reason why a cane might crack or break over time.

While our finishing process with polyurethane seals the moisture from water/steam or linseed oil, linseed oil will last a much longer time, perhaps years depending on your environs and how you store your canes and this results in a much superior rattan cane that can be serviced for several years if not decades. All rattan canes are prone to breaking at some is the harsh reality but a linseed oil treated cane can last several years if not decades with proper care and storage. The small premium in price you pay upfront for a linseed oil treated cane is a sound investment especially if you want your rattan cane to last longer.

***Please note that all our products are strictly sold as novelty collector items and/or theatrical props. Any misuse or improper use of the product other than the intended and explicitly stated purpose of this product is entirely at the discretion and choice of the buyer and seller assumes no responsibility for any injury or harm that may result from improper usage other than the explicitly stated and intended purpose of the product. ***

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