Rattan Cane Care & Storage Tips

Rattan is a natural fibrous grass species that needs to be cared for and stored properly for long life and best shape and performance.

Hydrating Rattan Canes

Rattan needs an ideal amount of moisture to remain flexible and supple and prolong its life.  It needs to be periodically hydrated ( at least once a month ) to remain adequately hydrated.

You can hydrate your canes by standing it upright in about an inch of water column for 6-8 hours at least once a month.  The rattan will absorb water through the tip using capillary force and this is all the hydration it needs.  Let the tip air dry after hydration.

DO NOT dunk your canes in a bathtub frequently. In addition to destroying the handles, this will shorten the life of a rattan cane just as much as drying out. Rattan needs adequate moisture but not excess moisture.

On non coated/natural finish canes, you can also hydrate by wetting your hands and rub the cane shaft with the water residue on your hands. Make sure you do this only on the bare exposed shaft and not make the handle wet.  This can be done in addition to hydration by the tip periodically.

Cane Storage 

DO NOT store rattan canes in dry environs   Store your rattan canes well away from a/c or heating vents or anything that will dry out the rattan.


Proper care and storage mentioned above will keep rattan canes in the best condition and prolong the life and lessen the chance of breaking due to drying out.