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Englishvice Canes

Classic Dragon Cane Pair of 2 Classic Dragon Canes - 90-95 cms L & 9-9.5/10-10.5 mm D - 12" Paracord Handles

Classic Dragon Cane Pair of 2 Classic Dragon Canes - 90-95 cms L & 9-9.5/10-10.5 mm D - 12" Paracord Handles

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This is our Essential English Discipline Classic Dragon Cane Pair.

The Specs for individual canes in the set are as follows.

1) One (1) Classic Dragon Cane 90-95 cms length & 9-9.5 mm thickness
2) One(1) Classic Dragon Cane 90-95 cms length & 10-10.5 mm thickness

Both the Canes in the set come wrapped in choice of Whip Paracord with 12 inch standard handles.

Both the canes come in a beeswax+carnauba waxed finish


Classic Dragon Canes: They are our bread & butter dragon canes. Crafted out of the finest Dragon rattan, these canes come as natural finish and wrapped in whip paracord handles. Our Dragon rattan comes to us as finished & processed rattan (unlike our kooboo canes which come as raw rattan) so the dragon canes have a smooth satin finish and almost blemishless surface in its natural state. Our Classic Dragon Canes are crafted out of the almost processed and finished Dragon rattan in its natural state.

***Please note that all our products are strictly sold as novelty collector items and/or theatrical props. Any misuse or improper use of the product other than the intended and explicitly stated purpose of this product is entirely at the discretion and choice of the buyer and seller assumes no responsibility for any injury or harm that may result from improper usage other than the explicitly stated and intended purpose of the product. ***

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