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The English School Cane and where to buy an authentic school cane in the 21st Century

These days, you can buy a cane from any of the adult shops and online shops that sell adult toys.  Most of these canes are made out of all kinds of materials such as Delrin or Rattan reed and even hardwood and if you are lucky enough and a discerning eye, even a rattan cane.  And very often, these are sold as English School Canes or British School Canes.

But what is an English school cane and what material were the authentic and traditional English school canes of yesteryears made out of?

 The traditional English school cane became obsolete by the early 1980s when corporal punishment in UK State schools was abolished officially in 1986 and the very few private schools that retained it after that were forced to abolish it altogether in 1997.

The traditional English school cane conjures up the quintessential image of English school discipline in the Old Blighty and has become an implement that is both feared and sought after by the discerning adult disciplinarians of the 21st century.  But can you buy an authentic English school cane in the 21st century?

The English School cane of yesteryears were crafted out of high quality rattan with skin in tact that is both durable and will leave its mark and last for years if not decades.  Alas, most of the canes sold by adult novelty vendors these days are made from synthetic material or rattan reed ( or rattan heart ).  If you are lucky and looked hard enough, you might find a school cane made out of Kooboo rattan which is somewhat freely available in the West and Kooboo rattan ( with skin) is a worthy material choice albeit being a lighter and softer rattan with less durability.

So what is the choice material for a quality English School cane, you ask?  The original English school canes of yesteryears were crafted out of a high quality durable rattan that grows in the wild in Sumatra and Java and it is called Dragon rattan.  This is an exquisite rattan that is dense and characterized by long nodes and a beautiful skin tone.  These days, this specific type of rattan is difficult to obtain though not impossible.  This is a very durable rattan that will last years if not decades of service if you maintain the cane with some loving care.  The school canes crafted out of this rattan are top quality canes and the best you can wield in your hands and the original English School Canes were crafted out of this high quality rattan.

I am an English caning purist and a practitioner of the English disciplary arts for over 20 years albeit not as a professional .  I started Englishvice Canes 10 years ago to bring authentic rattan canes to discerning customers and after a few years of intensive searching, I was able to locate a supplier in Java who would supply me with this high quality rattan to make and supply authentic English School canes for my very discerning students.  This is a rare material made even rarer these days due to massive deforestation and this rattan grows in the wild in the rainforests of Java and Sumatra and nowhere else and the forests are fast disappearing in favor of palm oil plantations.  It takes a lot of work to import this high quality dragon rattan into the United States and it has to be couriered and flown in from SE Asia from our exporter.

I offer authentic English school canes crafted out of the highest quality dragon rattan at Englishvice Canes and this is not your typical cheap cane you buy at a run of the mill adult novelty shop made from inferior materials.  These school canes are the genuine article and they don’t come cheap but you know where the money went once you wield one in your hand.

We offer these canes as standard versions in 4 different diameters/grades and these have at least 2 knots and rarely 3 knots.  For the very discerning customers who are looking for the very best, we offer the Elite Dragon School Canes and these are absolutely gorgeous school canes with just a single knot and all our school canes come in 90 -95 cms standard length and the traditional English Crook handle.  We also offer our school canes as sets with 3/4/6 canes in varying diameters for the aspiring adult school mistresses who want their school room stocked with the best scholastic canes.

Set of 6 English School Canes

If you are looking for the genuine article and an implement that will last a long time and deliver on the promise, look no further than our English school canes crafted out of top quality dragon rattan.

And lastly, if the traditional crook handle is not your cuppa, don’t despair. Englishvice Canes also offers our dragon rattan canes in straight lengths with paracord handles for the customer that prefers function and ease of handling over traditionalist design.





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