The Aristasia Disciplinary Cane - Birth and Revival of a Concept Disciplinary Cane

The Aristasia Disciplinary Cane - Birth and Revival of a Concept Disciplinary Cane

Aristasia was a female only subculture written about in books during the 1980s and 1990s and there were various clubs of this subculture in existence such as “ The Wildfire Club” and “Silver Sisterhood.  The nether corners of the internet may still have residual material that is still left if you searched for knowing more about this subculture.

This brings us to the literature in which this aforementioned disciplinary cane is mentioned and described in detail, The Female Disciplinary Manual: A Complete Encyclopedia of the correction of the Fair Sex.  A well written compendium of various corporal punishments for the corrections of the fair sex, the author Regina Snow delves into extensive details about the practice of caning and the different types of canes that are used in different settings by different archetypes.  Miss Regina Snow, the author describes different types of canes such as junior canes, senior canes, nursery canes, Housemistress canes etc and the different lengths and weights they ought to be and the type of rattan they are crafted out of and their uses in various situations.

 One particular cane caught my attention in particular and that is the Disciplinary Cane.  Miss Snow describes this implement as the feared instrument of discipline and the ultimate sanction in correction and provides details on the ideal dimensions and the type of rattan this implement ought to be crafted.  She spacifies the Disciplinary Cane ought to be 36 inches long ( or 91.5 cms  ) and should be 6/16 inches ( or 10 mm ) in diameter and further more, unlike the other lesser rattan canes that are made out of lighter weight rattans, the Disciplinary Cane should be crafted out of a tougher and more durable kind of rattan and in a different literature, she mentions a special kind of wild rattan that grows in the Malaya and Sumatra region and durability and strength as the chief characteristics.

We, at Englishvice Canes, set out to make a faithful reproduction of this aforementioned correctional implement which Miss Snow refers to in “The Female Discipinary Manual” having realized this is the case we need to bring to our very discerning customers who appreciate a great implement of yesteryears in their collection.

In the past, the Wildfire Club shop closely associated with Aristasia subculture used to offer some of the canes described in the "Female Disciplinary Manual" by Miss Snow but sadly they have long been defunct which is one of the primary reasons we decided to revive and offer the Discipllnary Cane to our discerning customers.

In keeping up with the true spirit of this implement, we offer the Aristasia Disciplinary Cane true to dimensions and the type of rattan allowing for small tolerances.  Miss Snow described this cane as being 6/16 inches in diameter ( or 10 mm approximately ) and 36 inches in length ( 91.5 cms ).  Allowing for small tolerances due to the natural material used that is rattan, our Aristasia Disciplinary Cane has the following specifications.

Length : 90 - 93 cms ( allowing for small but tight tolerances )

Diameter:  9.5 - 10.5 mm ( same as above applies )

Be mindful that the length is measured from the top centre of the crook to the tip and the diameter is measured at the top quarter to top half length of the cane that includes the crook handle.

We also offer the Disciplinary Canes in two different styles and each style has its own distinct name.

Juliana is the standard version of our Aristasia Disciplinary Cane ( pictured below ) and these canes have 2+ knots but we try our best to keep the number of knots to 2 in most cases and a maximum of 3 in rare isolated cases.


Augusta is the premium edition of our Aristasia Disciplinary Cane ( pictured below ) and these are crafted with choice picked premium lengths that have only one knot through the entire length of the cane that includes the crook handle.


We have made these canes available to our customers in our shop

They are also available from our sister shop

To further alleviate your burden of looking for this cane, they are listed in the "Crook Handle School Canes" Collection.

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